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The 'First Floor' gallery is home to a seasonal collection of original and limited edition artworks, with a new collection every three months. More art is on show in our Cafe on the ground floor, so two floors of art to peruse. 
Each collection showcases the work of artists from the South West. Open daily, monday-sunday, 10am-5pm. 
Pressgang Printmakers 
14th Seotember to 11th October 2016 
This lively group, based in Salcombe, showed a variety of different printmaking tecniques including linocuts, monoprints, etchings drypints and wood engraving. 
'Coastal Margins' 
New works by Peter Sayer 
18th Dec 2015 to 11th February 2016 
Hazel Strange 
Solo Exhibition 
24th July to 9th September 
Emma Carter  
Island Artist 
Solo exhibition  
29th May - 16th July 2015 
Press Gang Printmakers 
27th April -  
27th May 2015 
Maggie Rowe Exhibition 
27th March - 22nd April 2015 
Graham Fish  
4th April - 6th June 2014 
Press Gang Printmakers 
31st January - 4th April 2014 
Art at Avon Mill are very pleased to have exhibiting with us The Press Gang Printmakers. The exhibition runs from February 1st until April 3rd 2014. The ten Press Gang artists who are taking part are:- 
Caroline Barker , Emma Cook, Janette Jagger, Rosemary Moser, Diana Miller, Anita Reynolds, 
Hilary Soper, Maggie Smith, Ysabel Winzar and Alison Veazey. 
Press Gang celebrated 10 years of printmaking in September 2008. 
This lively group of artists led by Mike Glanville and based at Salcombe Art Club, South Devon, set out with one converted mangle before adding an etching press to extend the range of possible work. 
Now, with three presses in the studio, both relief and intaglio printmaking is in full swing during the weekly workshop sessions throughout the winter months. 
When the old sail-loft studio is transformed to an exhibition space for the summer, the pleasure of working in the home studios of members with a press adds a new and invigorating dimension. 
Printmakers benefit from each other's company, sharing ideas and information as well as materials and equipment 'everything, including the kitchen sink 'and of course Exhibitions. 
Collographs, monoprints, lino cuts, wood cuts, etchings, monotypes, drypoints are all displayed - techniques and images as diverse as the artists, but all sharing the universal principle of transferring an image to paper from a prepared plate to create an original work. 
Printmaking is a complex craft, with unpredictable results, which is all part of the appeal for artists with a taste for risk and invention. 
Winter Collection  
2nd November 2013 - 30th January 2014 
Linda Looker (married name Summers) 
Painter & Printmaker 
Linda has lived and worked in the Totnes area of Devon for forty years since studying at Dartington College of Arts. 
Whilst continuing to paint and draw Linda trained and worked as a teacher and later worked for many years in social care. 
“The local landscape provides a good source of inspiration for paintings and prints, whatever the season and offers a variety of changing environments. I also work from still life, depicting familiar household objects. 
I am as stimulated by paints, inks and materials themselves and the pleasure of using them as much as by my subject matter. 
I mostly work from sketches which are my immediate response to my surroundings.” 
Artist prints are individually printed and are of limited edition using a variety of techniques which include collagraphs, (where the printing plate is made of card which has been textured and sealed), lino-cuts and monotypes. 
Christopher Kingsford- Curram 
For photographer Chris Kingsford-Curram, a spontaneous holiday choice in the early 1990’s turned into a 20 year adventure exploring the wilder regions of the Great Thar Desert of Rajasthan. Armed with only his wits and a Canon camera, Chris set out to encounter and document the colourful and varied peoples who call this harsh and unforgiving terrain home; to record something of a way of life which the building of tarmac roads and enormous wind energy projects in the desert is now changing forever. Inspired by masters such as Hans Silvester and Steve McCurry, Chris has an intensely personal approach to photography, engaging openly and directly with his subjects, portraying them with disarming candour and intimacy. As an ex-Kingsbridge School pupil, Chris is delighted to be showing his work in the South Hams for the first time.  
Elise Carr is a local photographer who is inspired by natural forms of plants, seascapes and landscapes to produce stunning photographs. The exploration of her iMac digital programs have allowed her to play with these images, giving them a painterly quality that might not suit purists, but is a sumptious celebration of colour and form. She has an artist’s eye, creating evocative images that make the most humble of objects vibrant and exciting.Sue Patterson 
Anne Baker 
Watercolour is the medium that inspires Anne. She likes the freedom of expression that it offers. In particular, she enjoys painting flowers but recently has become attracted to the additional scope that the rivers and beaches of her home in Devon have to offer. 
Anne is largely self- taught but has attended many courses and workshops in order to tighten up her natural flair. 
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