Coastal plants  
We have a wide selection of hedging and screening plants available here in our garden centre, together with garden netting and meshes for protection and windbreaks. If you can't find what you are looking for, just ask our staff. We may also be able to order items for you in they are not currently in stock. 
Trees and shrubs for creating shelter belts 
Large trees 
Medium trees 
Small trees 
acer psuedoplatanus - sycamore 
arbutus uendo - stawberry tree 
euonumous japonicus - spindle 
castanea sativa- chestnut 
alnus glutinosa - alder 
betula pendula - birch 
quercus cerris - turkey oak 
ilex aquilfolium - holly 
sorbus arin lutescens - whitebeam 
quercus ilex - holm oak 
lauris nobilis - bay 
pinus mugo - mountain pine 
quercus pendunculata - oak 
salix caprea - goat willow 
crataegus monogyna - hawthorn 
salix alba - white willow 
taxus baccata - yew 
prunus spinosa - blackthorn 
salix daphnoides - violet willow 
cupressus macrocarpa - monteray lutea 
hipposphae rhamnoides - sea buckthorn 
pinus nigra austrica - austrian pine 
sambucus nigra - elder 
pinus nigra calabrica - corsican pine 
pinus nigra maritista - maritime pine 
pinus pinea - stone pine 
pinus pinea - radiata - monterey pine 
pinus pinea municata - bishop pine 
Shrubs for shelter 
arundinaria - bamboo  
spartium junceum - spanish broom 
atriplex halimus 
cytisus - broom 
phormium tenax - new zealand flax 
genista hispania - spanish gorse 
fuchsia riccartonii 
ligustrum - privet 
oleria - daisy bush 
Click here for coastal plants that can be planted once you have sufficient protective shelter. 
More information on coastal gardening  
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