Aquatic plants & water features 
Water adds another element to a garden, not only does it look beautiful, but running water sounds beautiful, as well as providing a fabulous natural habitat for lots of beneficial wildlife. 
Water plants are a must when you have a pond. As well as looking beautiful they will help the pond blend in with the rest of the garden. They shade the water, helping to control the water temperature. Their roots absorb nutrients that might otherwise foul the water and submerged oxygenating plants are the pond's very own 'air conditioners'.  
Before you stock your pond or bog garden with plants, think about what purpose you need them to fulfill. 
Submerged aquatics live completely under water. These are the oxygenating plants you often see realeasing streams of air bubbles in sunlight.  
Deep-water aquatics have their roots in water that is 45cm (18") or more in depth. The leaves stand out above the water or float on the surface. 
Marginal plants grown in moist or shallow water around the water's edge, often their roots are submerged in water. 
Free-floating plants drift on the water's surface with their roots dangling in the water. 
We stock a range of moisure loving plants all year, and from spring-autumn you'll find a selection of aquatic plants, also suitable for moist and boggy soils, as well as ponds and streams. Do check before making a special visit, but we generally have:  
water lilies 
orontium aquaticum 
zantedeschia (white arum lily) 
primula denticulata 
moisure loving iris 
caltha palustris (marsh marigold) 
gunera - giant and miniature plants 
lysichitum (skunk cabbage) - yellow and white varieties 
lobelia, purple leaved 
sedges & rushes, including bulrush, mares tail and zebra rush 
acers, moisture loving 
You'll also find a small range of bird baths and other ornamental water features, together with aquatic compost, aquatic plant baskets, barley straw packs and other treatments to keep your pond clear. 
Visit a water garden for more inspiration  
Some well and less well known water gardens to visit, near and far, for more ideas. Even the most grand gardens can inspire something more humble for the home garden. Some have fabulous bog gardens which can be recreated on a much smaller scale too. Or why not look at a river or stream for a simpler, more naturalised look? You can even create a small water feature in a half oak barrel or container! 
Devon & Cornwall 
Lukesland Garden, Ivybridge 
Coleton Fishacre, Kingswear 
Marwood Gardens, Barnstaple 
RHS Rosemoor, Barnstaple 
Heligan Garden, Mevagissy, Cornwall 
Stourhead, National Trust 
Heale Garden, Salisbury 
Upton House, Banbury, National Trust 
Abbotsbury Sub-Tropical Gardens, Dorset 
Fairhaven Woodland & Water Garden, Norwich 
Alnwick Castle, Northumberland 
Chatsworth House, Derbyshire 
RHS Wisley, Surrey 
Monet's Garden, Giverny, France 
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